fire alarm, fire alarm system, fire protection system
fire alarm system, fire alarm annunciator, fire protection system

Our Approach

Our customers often tell us that our approach to running projects are exceptional, often asking how we do it. The answer is easy. We are able to provide a unique approach to running projects because of our dedication to life safety, which has driven us to find the most efficient methods, models and softwares available. We are an extremely progressive company that utilizes special software and tools to get jobs done safety, quickly and cost effectively.

Our Story

Established in 2015 we started as a 2 employee operation based in the Niagara Region providing fire inspection services, developing fire safety plans and providing excellent service of fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, etc. We have strategically expanded our service team to ensure that response times to emergencies are rapid.

Meet the Team

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Founder & CEO

Evan Sharp has been in the fire protection industry for over 15 years, carries multiple college diplomas related to the industry and provides educational aide to local authorities. He is currently working towards his Bachelors Degree in Fire Protection Engineering while continuing to provide leadership and development opportunities to his staff.

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Mary Jane

Accounts Manager

Mary Jane carries multiple business diplomas, office admin diplomas and sales experience. She manages all of our accounts to ensure efficient and effective service delivery to our customers.

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Field Supervisor

Ken has been in the fire protection industry for several years and carries certificates in fire protection that make him a valuable asset as a field supervisor. Ken ensures that all the technical staff are properly trained, have the tools and material they require, and assists in the field as much as possible. .

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We are a very diverse fire protection company with the motivation and desire to help improve life safety and property conservation standards. For more information please contact us.