What do you charge for an annual fire inspection?

The cost of inspections vary greatly depending on the systems and equipment present. For example a building that only contains fire extinguishers and emergency lighting will cost far less then a building that also contains fire alarm.

There is one source available to the public that can help building owners determine how long a fire alarm inspection will take, which can then be translated into a rough cost. This applies to fire alarm systems only. If you would like to view and use this tool follow this link http://www.cfaa.ca/Files/flash/Estimator.htm

How far do you go for service?

We provide service to all of Ontario however, our major service areas are the GTA, Peel Region, York Region, Halton Region, Waterloo Region, Hamilton, Haldimand County, and the Niagara Region.

What are your hours?

We provide emergency service 24-7/365 days a year.

Our regular operation hours are from 8am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Can I test my fire alarm system?

Monthly test/inspections can be performed by building owners, supers, or other designated persons however, it is strongly recommend that you have a CFAA certified fire alarm technician perform this test. The proper test procedure involves interrupting normal power to the panel, and ensuring proper operation of the panels functions. Those who are not certified and perform these tests are assuming liability in the event the system becomes impaired due to the test, or the system is not operating as intended but the tester failed to recognize a problem.

Who can work on fire sprinkler systems?

Only a registered journey man or apprentice is legally allowed to work on sprinkler systems. This includes performing inspections, maintaining the systems, altering the systems or installing a new system.

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